The Scepter of Maris

The Bandits of Pratt's Refuge
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A Prequel Novella: The Bandits of Pratt’s Refuge

Horrible crimes have been committed on the road to Yost, a lakeside traders town in the Kingdom of Glendon. Already set to hunt down the ones responsible for the first set of murders, the Yost garrison commander Captain James Bridgewater discovers two more instances to lay at the feet of these bandits. The most recent crime is the worst of all, and it has James and his men more determined than ever to put a stop to it. With the help of two new allies, he will show these bandits the meaning of justice.







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Book One: A Soldier’s Honor

From the time he was a boy, Meric Vettor has tried to live a life of integrity. To abide by the tenets of honor and duty that were taught to him by his father and then reinforced as a soldier defending others. That all comes apart when he and his companions are wrongfully accused of treason by the new King . Disgraced and angry, they had to flee. Branded as traitors and sentenced to torture and death if ever captured, they must never return to the land and people they once swore to protect.

When Meric comes to the aid of a woman and two children about to be abducted, he starts down a path that will once again see him and his friends in their homeland, being hunted. They soon find themselves embroiled in a fight with much greater consequences than their troubles with the King.

Jumping into the fray despite the price on their heads, they must defeat merciless Orcs, Goblins and wargs, as well as the madman King that labeled them traitors, and all before his insanity allows an even greater evil to be unleashed.  With unexpected allies and the aid of forbidden magic, they will face unimaginable danger on a quest to save their people and their world.



The Scepter of Maris_rev5
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Book Two: An Adept’s Duty

A quest, a rebellion, and an invasion…

Meric’s mission of convincing the King of the Dwarves to give them the location of an artifact with other-worldly destructive powers does not go exactly as planned, but all is not lost. The Dwarves agree to help recover the Scepter of Maris in order to keep it from the Orcs. Their King sends a capable group of warriors to join him and his companions on their quest, and they set forth with renewed hope.

Meanwhile Glendon’s neighboring Kingdom of Rennick is dealing with its own share of troubles. A mentally unstable King is crushing his subjects under the might of his authority, and the people have finally had enough. A former Sergeant has chosen to lead the oppressed in fighting back, and they will do all in their power to end his mad reign.

And even as the others struggle, the Orc horde begins its inexorable march to reclaim the Scepter for their own. They will destroy anything in their way, and no man, woman or child is safe from their wrath. Their rallying cry of “glory and honor” will be heard across all lands and destruction will be all that is left in their wake.

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