I am just a regular guy with a regular job. I was born in Florida, but grew up in Georgia. I have had several different jobs in my life, but have been at my current one for almost ten years. I worked in construction, at the Post Office, as an electronics technician, a building maintenance manager, a painter (very short stint, I hate painting), and a parts manager. I served six years in the Navy as an Electronics Technician (some of the best times of my life), but now work with commercial turf equipment. I have loved to read since my early teens, and wanted to write for almost as long. I do not have any formal education in the realm of literature, I just enjoy it. One day I finally decided to go for it, and the result was a ninety thousand plus word story that I thoroughly enjoyed writing, and hope others will someday thoroughly enjoy reading. I feel like there are many more stories to tell, and look forward to sharing them.

James R. Barnes

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