One of the hardest parts about giving in to the desire (maybe even need) to write is managing time. Now, for someone who does this professionally it is probably not that difficult. You can set up a schedule centered on your writing and add in other things around it. I know that is a very simplified version of their reality, but when you pay your bill through your creative words, writing comes first and the rest follows. When I say “writing” I do not just mean putting words on paper (or screen). There are plenty of other things involved; research being a key factor, along with world building and character creation. I do not know about everyone else, but a lot of my characters have to be thought out in detail. It is not always something I do properly… some are just notes scribbled down here and there (one day I will get them all organized), and even the ones I make up on the fly will need some thought to go into their back-story. The majority of the secondary or minor characters come into being when and as I need them, but once they have a name, they must have a story.

Some authors, depending on genre, travel for the aforementioned research or spend hours studying a subject matter to get the details right. This takes time, but if that is your day job, then you can schedule accordingly. I know there are some days I will spend three to four hours in front of my computer and not write a single word of the actual book. Since I am writing in the fantasy genre most of my “research” is working on characters or settings that are entirely made up, so it is a bit different, but still time consuming.

However, the reason that this post came about was because I am not a professional. This is not how I actually make my living. My bills are paid by an 8 to 5 job that has nothing to do with the joys or freedom of creative writing. Now, do not get me wrong… I am very thankful to have steady employment. I know that not everyone can say that, and I do not take my paycheck for granted. This is merely an expression of my frustration with a lack of all the time in the world. The great thing is; I am not a professional, so when it comes to my writing I do actually have plenty of time since I do not actually have a deadline I must meet.

That being said… I want to finish my story as soon as I can and get it out there. I know what your thinking: If that’s the case, then why are you writing this instead of working on your book (I’m looking at you, Erica)? I just finished a three hour session of writing before I started this, and even though I love writing that story I still need to break away from it sometimes. Which is where all of these thoughts came from. I only have nights and weekends (thankfully I do not have to work on the weekends) as my free time. Ideally I would write from the time I got home until it was time to sleep, but that is just not feasible. Some nights I can get so caught up in the story that I will actually do that, but usually it is just a few hours. And that is not every night.

The main problem is that, while I do love writing, I also love reading. A lot. So with only so many hours of free time, my writing cuts into my time to read… or watch movies, or television (mostly this one is only an issue during the college football season), or any other things I would like to do. It is a frustrating situation, and I am still struggling to find that happy medium (pun intended). In the mean time, if you are impatiently awaiting book two, all I can say is please bear with me. I am definitely working on it… I even created three new characters this morning, so now I will have to spend some time fleshing them out. See how that works.

4 thoughts on “Time…”

  1. Ha! I’m glad you put your three hours in before writing this :). The reason I have enjoyed your books is because I can tell it isn’t a job but something you love doing. Take your time, I can’t wait to meet the three new characters!!

  2. You are doing a wonderful job of balancing everything that ‘s on your plate. You will get the second book done in your own time. Everything good in life comes on its own schedule. Creativity flows best when one is not under pressure. So relax, read , do the things you love to do and the rest will fall into place.

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