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Starting Somewhere.

I have been told, and have told myself, that “you have to start somewhere”. I have always loved to read. Losing myself in a story, whether it was an epic fantasy or modern thriller, has been a favorite pastime since I was a teenager. I loved the idea of creating new worlds, new adventures, and new characters. I have toyed with the desire to be one of these creators myself, but just could not take that final step. There was no way I could create something worthy of my favorite stories, so why even try. After playing around with short stories I wrote and discarded just as quickly, and living with certain characters in my head for years, I read something that finally gave me that extra push. It was nothing I had not heard before, so I do not know if it was just the right time or circumstance, but I realized there was really nothing stopping me. So I started to “write the story I wanted to read”. I had no idea if I could keep going or even come up with a storyline that could be novel worthy, or even something that would make sense to another person. I just wanted to write. So I did, and the next thing I knew, I did not want to stop writing. Ninety thousand words later, I am getting ready to self-publish my first book in a series, and have already started on book two. I still have a lot of work to do, and I have no idea if I will be successful from a published author standpoint, but personally I have already achieved a sense of accomplishment. My first book is called ‘A Soldier’s Honor’. It is a traditional fantasy with heroes and villains, swords and sorcery, and lots of character(s). I hope that others will read and enjoy, but as for me… it is my Somewhere, and I have enjoyed every minute.


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